Your Opinion Matters!

Feedback is essential to helping GEF achieve our vision of positively influencing seniors’ quality
of life.

Your feedback can assist GEF Seniors Housing in identifying areas that need improvement,
inspire new ideas that help to enhance the quality of life of our tenants and residents, and let a
GEF team member know about a good experience and ensure their efforts are acknowledged.

We take your privacy very seriously. All feedback is anonymous, so we welcome and encourage
open and honest comments.

Protected Disclosure (Whistleblower) Policy

What will we do with your feedback?
Compliments will be shared with the GEF team members and recognized by management.

Concerns will be addressed through a formal review process. Management will review the
issue, gather additional information and identify potential resolutions.

Suggestions will be shared and considered by the management team.

*As we do not collect your email address, if you would like a response, please contact us though the Contact us page.


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