Who We Are

GEF Seniors Housing is the largest social housing provider for seniors in Alberta and is a registered charity.

We provide nearly 3,800 low to moderate-income seniors with access to affordable housing and services in 41 housing communities across Edmonton.

We believe every senior deserves a home that meets their housing needs and enhances their well-being, especially those living on limited incomes.

Our wide selection of Seniors Self-Contained (SSC) and Affordable Apartments and Lodge accommodations throughout Edmonton gives seniors more choices of where they want to live.

In 1959, our organization was established under provincial legislation as Greater Edmonton Foundation (GEF). Since the 1960s, the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta have worked collaboratively to build retirement homes for low-income seniors. The City provided land and the provincial government built and owned the homes.

Foundations and other Housing Management Bodies (HMBs) were established to manage the properties in one or more municipal districts or counties across the province. The Greater Edmonton Foundation was one of these foundations. In 2012, we changed our name to GEF Seniors Housing and remain a registered charity.

For 65 years, we have continued working with the community as an active partner in the important work of providing quality social housing for seniors in Edmonton and its surrounding communities, in accordance with our Vision, Mission, and Values.  Print Version




1959 Year established

400 Employees

41 Edmonton communities

3800 Seniors call GEF home

Our vision is to create vibrant, affordable communities for seniors. Our values define how we serve and build relationships with our communities.

We encourage relationships based on RESPECT and believe in treating everyone with dignity, kindness, and compassion

We want to put PEOPLE at the centre of everything we do, where our aim is to positively contribute to everyone’s life journey

We believe in promoting interactions built on TRUST, where we act with integrity, honesty, and fairness

We promote ACCOUNTABILITY by accepting responsibility for
one’s own words, actions and the choices that are made

We proudly acknowledge and
enthusiastically pursue
INCLUSION in our work

As Alberta’s largest non-profit social housing operator for seniors, we focus on providing affordable, well-maintained, and secure buildings, where our clients can live with dignity and thrive in their communities with the support of friendly and caring staff and volunteers.


Quality of Life Philosophy

In support of GEF Seniors Housing’s Mission and Vision, our Quality of Life Philosophy is:

“To provide seniors with accessible, affordable, and safe housing in comfortable and supportive environments that promote opportunities for them to successfully age in place.”

The Guiding Principles to the Quality of Life Philosophy include working together to:

  • Promote and respect individual choice, recognizing that each senior has knowledge and experience to be able to determine how best to live their life;
  • Ensure each senior is treated fairly and with dignity, regardless of their age, gender identity, religious belief, ethnicity and culture, sexual orientation, financial means, ability or life experience;
  • Foster opportunities that contribute to promoting one’s well-being by supporting and encouraging each senior to live a healthy, independent life, where their voice is heard and respected;
  • Encourage relationships between seniors, staff, and communities based on respect, kindness, and compassion;
  • Promote accountability by providing each senior with the opportunity and encouragement to take ownership of, participate in, and provide feedback to the community in which they live.Print Version

Sustainability Framework

Seniors over the age of 85 are the fastest growing age group in Canada. In fact, 82 per cent of GEF seniors are between 71 and 100 Years of age.

The last 25 years in seniors living has seen a dramatic shift away from an institutional model to one that stresses the dignity and general wellbeing of the client, and the opportunity to maximize quality of life. At the same time, we are becoming more aware of the impact we have on the environment we all share.

We want to grow our organization in ways that contribute to seniors’ Quality of Life without compromising the needs of future generations. At Sakaw Terrace we implemented low carbon heating systems to reduce our carbon emissions.

This Sustainability Framework is our opportunity to grow strategically and responsibly, with Community Wellbeing at the forefront.

We recognize that there is a relationship between the physical environment and natural, financial, and human resources on the wellbeing of the people who live and work in our communities. We founded this framework in the three pillars of Social, Environmental, and Economic sustainability.

Our Sustainability Framework provides clear principles, key performance indicators (KPIs), and strategies that are inspirational yet pragmatic, with clear, transparent goals to drive action.

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Delivering our Quality of Life philosophy, sustainably and with purpose, requires a holistic approach that emphasizes the health and wellbeing of our community