Senior Management

Dale Forbes, MBA, BA (Economics), CRM, CIP

Chief Executive Officer

Dale has almost 30 years of senior leadership experience in public, not-for-profit and private sector organizations providing comprehensive care services and housing support to adults of all ages in Alberta and Ontario. He has previously served on the Board of the Alberta Continuing Care Association, most recently as Chair. The Association works on behalf of its members to ensure quality of care and quality of life for all Albertans. Dale is unwavering in his commitment to ensuring services provided to older adults are of a high quality and are delivered in a safe, respectful and compassionate manner. A cornerstone of Dale’s career has been his support, promotion, and leadership in creating work environments for staff that positively contribute to their overall health, safety and well-being. As an organization with a strong commitment to Mission—leaders in friendly, affordable, secure housing and service for seniors—GEF’s Mission, Vision and Values are a natural fit for Dale and his commitment to being able to positively impact the lives of our communities’ seniors, now and into the future.

Shanika Donalds, PhD, MSW, RSW

Director of Housing and Client Services

As the Director of Client Services, Shanika is committed to ensuring GEF continues to be a leader in providing quality housing services and supports to tenants and residents. She has experience in several different areas of GEF Seniors Housing operations. Passionate about ensuring that work with seniors is guided by best practices and research, Shanika firmly believes that seniors know best how they want to live their lives and need to be an integral part of any decisions that affect them. With over 15 years of experience in training and educating social workers and front line staff, Shanika has consulted for a variety of international development agencies, leading and implementing social development initiatives at the community level. With a vision of providing the best service for Edmonton seniors, Shanika seeks to ensure that all who call GEF home feel safe and secure, are provided with opportunities to engage meaningfully and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Kevin Mah, MBA, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin is a finance executive leader with more than 20 years of broad and integrated experience, especially in the seniors’ affordable housing and non-profit sector. He has also operated his own successful private financial consultancy in the seniors’ sector. Kevin is passionate about the seniors’ sector, and excellence in stewardship and accountability for non-profits. He believes in giving back to his community, and has been active in several local benevolent associations and charities over the years.

Keith Day, BEng

Director of Facilities Management

Keith has more than 20 years of international experience in Construction, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Commissioning and Facilities Management, having worked on some of the most iconic projects worldwide, like the Strata Tower in London, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Seoul Finance Center in South Korea. He is also active in several professional associations. Keith is passionate about applying his expertise in Facility Management to improve the lives and homes of the seniors in our buildings. Keith also says GEF’s values of Respect, Integrity, Well Being, and Accountability are well in alignment with his own personal values.

Bernadette DeSantis, BAA (Journalism), BA

Director of Communications and Engagement

Bernadette is a skilled communicator with 30 years’ combined experience in public sector communications and journalism, with 15+ years in seniors’ care in Edmonton. Her most recent role has been with CapitalCare – one of the largest and most innovative public sector providers of continuing care in Canada. As Director of Communications and Engagement for GEF Seniors Housing, Bernadette leads a variety of activities including marketing, fund raising, and community engagement. She is most passionate about working with our site leadership teams to strengthen communications and engagement with our clients and staff. Bernadette’s personal values and her commitment to serving seniors are in alignment with our Mission, Vision and Values, and our Quality of Life Philosophy.