Bridging Generations: Building Connections Between the Young and the Young at Heart  

On a beautiful spring morning, Ottewell Place Lodge was buzzing with excitement for a special get-together as residents eagerly awaited the arrival of their tiny friends from Terra Centre.  

Within moments, 10 toddlers eager to play with their senior pals filled the lounge with toys and laughter. Little did they know about the surprise in store for them, thanks to a heartfelt donation from residents Bill and Donna Shanks. 

A Labour of Love 

Since moving into the lodge nine months ago with wife Donna, Bill, a master craftsman, kept making the alphabet block kits as a way to keep busy. Fueled by his love for his family the kits piled up quickly. Donating them to them to the children of teen parents provided a perfect match for a labour of love.  

The toddlers were thrilled, and both the givers and receivers admired the meticulously handcrafted blocks with mutual appreciation, while fostering an easy connection between the young and the young at heart. 

Fostering Connections

From the perspective of activities and wellness programming, Eva notes that intergenerational visits have cognitive and emotional benefits for both seniors and children. 

For GEF Seniors Housing, moments like these demonstrate our vision of creating vibrant, affordable communities for seniors. 

We invite our partners in the community to get involved at any of our 41 locations across Edmonton. Send us a message through our Contact Us page under the Get Involved tab.  

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