Help us build for the future

The number of seniors in Alberta continues to grow and, in the next 15 years, that number will be nearly one million.

There is a significant future need for affordable seniors’ housing, and it is for this reason that GEF Seniors Housing started the Building for Life Fund. All contributions to this Fund go directly to finance new GEF capital building projects in Edmonton.

In just the past five years, the Fund has contributed to two major building projects: Sakaw Terrace in southeast Edmonton’s Mill Woods community in 2018 and Ottewell Terrace, in southeast Edmonton’s Ottewell community in 2016.

Your contributions to this Fund will help us build more affordable seniors housing in Edmonton.

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ATB Cares

15% Matching by ATB Financial

The ATB Cares program sees a new way to donate and help build more affordable seniors housing by adding extra mileage to each dollar you contribute.

ATB will add 15% to every donation made to GEF Senior Housing through its ATB Cares Website.

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