Pepper is Porta Place’s newest pet!

Elaine Ginter was over the moon when she was finally reunited with her dog, Pepper. Pepper, a Bichon cross, was with Elaine for five years before they were separated. After living without Pepper for over a year at Porta Place, Elaine couldn’t be happier that GEF implemented a pet policy. Pepper is the very first furry resident of GEF Seniors Housing, and is fitting in quite well!

The new pet policy, which was rolled out in January 2020, went through months and months of work to develop, to ensure that each pet that is brought into one of our communities fits perfectly into our family. There are certain criteria that a pet has to meet, but the overall goal is to enhance the quality of life of our seniors.

Pepper moved in with Elaine’s daughter while she was getting settled at Porta Place. It was hard for her, as Pepper is like the son she never had. Elaine could go over and visit Pepper, but it was never the same. After continuously asking about the pet policy, Elaine was truly on cloud nine when she was told Pepper was able to move in with her. “I felt like my life had a purpose again. It meant the world to me!”

Having Pepper back in her life full-time means Elaine is getting out of the house more. She needs to take him out to do his business, and they go for walks and car rides. Pepper gives Elaine a reason to stay motivated and get active!

“There were a few neighbours that were hesitant with this new policy and having a dog live in their building, but when they got to know Pepper and what a sweet dog he is, everyone was on board,” said Elaine. “When we get off the elevator, everyone says ‘Hi Pepper’ and gives him some love.”

It even took Pepper some time to adjust to his new living situation. “At my daughter’s house, he was so used to being let out the back or front door. Now we have to go in an elevator to go outside. He used to be scared of the elevator but has now since gotten used to it. Whenever we get to our floor, he knows exactly which door to go to – which door is home!”

“I do love it here at GEF! My neighbours, the staff – they are all so wonderful! Everyone is doing an amazing job, and I have settled in quite nicely,” said Elaine. “But it has made my experience even better, having my Pepper here with me! I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Thoughts on "Pepper is Porta Place’s newest pet!"

  1. Anne

    A wonderful, heartwarming story. Very happy for Pepper & Elaine !!

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  2. Jeannine Laviolette

    So happy to hear that as I have a pet as well and am on the waiting list for a duplex. It really helps us seniors and gives us purpose and comfort.

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  3. Barb

    That is wonderful news, our pets are what keep us active physically and mentally. This is great news.

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  4. Grace Waszkiewicz

    Wonderful! For many of us, our pets are often the only companion. Sometimes even more than that. My sweet Lakita is more than a family, she is my lifeline - the only living creature who needs my care and my lov.e. Without her, I would just sit down and die of sadness and loneliness..Hats off to GEF for such a kind and caring, though still experimental, policy. Grace

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  5. Dave Patterson

    It is certanly a great idea to allow pets. They are fantastic vompanions for seniors, part of the family. However, as a potential resident, I am concerned that we would not be allowed to replace our petwhen the tme comes. (We had to put our previous dog to sleep, and we replced him with a new puppy. That was the best decision we ever made; and he is now our "baby". We cannot imagine life without him!!!

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